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Zanetta Middleton


Drawing/mixed media painting


Zanetta Middleton is a Leicestershire-based artist currently focusing her contemporary art practice at Albion Arts studio located alongside Loughborough Grand Union Canal. Her background has been in product design, working within the shoe and textile industry; bound by an interest in the workings of factories, waterways, mills & the industrial revolution.

Current work pays attention to the juxtaposition of the industrial environment and the natural aspects of water around them. Subtle representations within sketchbooks using charcoal, pastels and graphite highlight the interaction with industry and how the meditative nature of canal waters are used today. These then play into abstract mixed media layers which create textured depths that invites the viewer to draw parallels between the aesthetic of decay and the beauty it evokes.




instagram: @zanetta_middleton_art

sketchbook1 detail.JPG
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