A statement from the Chair of Charnwood Arts

It was an honour to become Chair of Charnwood Arts in December 2018.


The Trustees and I believe in the importance creativity plays in everyone’s life, whether a maker, a participant or an observer. The arts are inclusive; they are for everyone.


The Trustees celebrate and equally value all creative endeavour because we believe that these activities enhance our lives and the life of the entire Charnwood community.


The Trustees continue to uphold the original vision and values of the Charity, by continuing to embrace innovation, collaboration, experimentation and imagination, all of which can be found across the creative life of Charnwood. We are determined that the Charity will continue to play a pivotal part in taking forward and developing community and participative arts. We warmly acknowledge the late CEO, Kevin Ryan, for the invaluable part he played in promoting these aims and vision.


We recognise we are living through challenging times but with Shirley Novak, our CEO, and the Charnwood Arts team, the Trustees are as determined as ever to contribute to the creative life and soul that makes our Borough of Charnwood unique: there is a vibrant creative constituency here of which we are all a part. With Shirley’s and the team’s vision, the Charity is developing fresh and amazing projects for all.


If on reading this you would like to be involved in this new chapter in the life of the Charity, in whatever capacity, Shirley and her team would be delighted to hear from you.



Gabriella Maffioli

Chair of The Board of Trustees, Charnwood Arts

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