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A statement from the Chair of Charnwood Arts, June 2021

It is a year since Shirley Novak was appointed CEO of Charnwood Arts


Much has happened at the Charity by way of creative and artistic endeavour. This is due to the dedication of the Charnwood Arts team, so ably and inspirationally led by Shirley.


The Trustees proudly support the team’s work because, for such a small charity, Charnwood Arts is definitely punching above its weight.


This is apparent through the projects we have managed to produce over the last twelve months despite the pandemic ‘lockdowns’. We are immensely grateful to Arts Council England and Charnwood Borough Council for their continued confidence in us, shown through their sustained funding.


We also thank the Fearon Hall Community Association for their support and look forward to collaborating on projects as the year progresses. We are also very encouraged by the number of charities and participative arts charities/organisations that have contacted us in order to forge links with us. - as well as inviting us to assist them in their work.


With lockdown easing, we look forward to seeing even more Charnwood residents taking part in the inspiring activities that are advertised both on our website and facebook pages. We are looking to diversify our social media presence with the valued assistance of Loughborough University students.


We again encourage our Charnwood community residents to be involved as much as possible in the creative/arts activities that will be provided by us over the coming twelve months. If you would like more information or have an idea for a project with which we could help, please don’t hesitate to contact us. No idea is too small for the team’s consideration.

Gabriella Maffioli

Chair of The Board Charnwood Arts

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