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Shirley Novak

CEO Charnwood Arts (June 2020)

Shirley’s job is to lead Charnwood Arts through a wide variety of approaches, and through long term community arts projects, ongoing participatory arts groups, performances, school and community programmes, music projects and engagement.


She embraces community, providing access to relevant and meaningful art by enabling people of all ages – whatever their skills, abilities, experience or expectations - to access the arts across all art forms, at all levels, and in a variety of roles. 


For a number of years, Shirley was CEO at Newark MIND, responsible for developing and delivering Newark Mind’s value-based services. She has been an arts project coordinator and development manager on a number of projects over the years and in the mid 80s to mid 90s Shirley was a professional singer songwriter touring nationally and throughout Europe, writing and recording four albums of original material.


Shirley then spent many years sharing her passion for enabling others to communicate through music, working with digital music technology delivering music/media centred projects and workshops. She is a music producer and arranger for scnmedia in her spare time, but is completely dedicated to enabling participation in all art forms and at all levels with us here at Charnwood Arts.

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