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Sam Wellington

Impact and Operations Officer (October 2020)

​It’s Sam's job as the Impact and Evaluation Officer for Charnwood Arts is to make sure that we can show how we make a difference by doing what we do! It is important that the Charity is doing what it says it is doing – to get things right for the right people whilst getting best value for money. She is particularly interested in how we demonstrate our impact on people and our commitment to artistic values – alongside the essential number crunching of performance data.  Sam is a practicing artist (initially using paint to creatively manage stresses of being a senior manager within the NHS) and has spent more and more time over recent years focusing on her work with clay. Sam says "People fascinate me and this is reflected in my creative work - which aims to provoke an emotional response!"

Take a look at Sams work HERE

Sam 1.tiff
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