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Samuel Thompson-Plant, ‘Jazz Catch’ 2021, ceramic, moving image, sound, Loughborough Degre

Samuel Thompson-Plant


Conceptual artist using various media – for example, photography, video writing, ceramic sculpture.


Samuel Thompson-Plant is a visual artist born in Leicester, UK (1998), has recently graduated from BA Fine Art at Loughborough University, and has attended the Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki, Finland, for an international exchange year. He has exhibited and been involved in curatorial projects across the East Midlands and internationally.


Samuel’s current work focuses on raising new perspectives on our experience of consciousness. Everyday situations are analysed and played with to frame our experiences in a different light, calling for a ‘heightened reality’, and proposing shifts in how we identify emotionally with the present moment. Predominantly working in moving image and ceramics, Samuel also works with performance, text, sound, installation and found objects. 

Over the course of Charnwood Arts’s Emerging Artist Program (EAP), Samuel has been involved in the participatory project Secret Structures/Hidden Stories, in which he was given the opportunity to curate a successful multi-media exhibition in a 14th century church.


‘The Emerging Artist Program has given me the beautiful opportunity to engage with the local community and expand on ideas incubating throughout my studies. It has granted me a broader understanding of where my work situates itself, and invaluable curatorial and creative experiences’


Samuel’s work, Tig, is a multi-channel moving image installation, focusing on the experience of playing children’s games, and what they can reveal about a yearning for connection, playfulness, laughter and presence. The work will be exhibited in the Emerging Artist Program’s exhibition Would You Wear My Eyes from the 13th-14th of November 2021.



Instagram: @samuelthompsonplant

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