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Calling musicians, DJ's, poets, creative writers, film makers and anyone else who is interested!

Charnwood Arts is offering an exciting opportunity for artists of any ability and experience to collaborate together in creating a unique series of PodJams* to help us all ‘just breathe’ through these difficult times and beyond.


These tracks are aimed at providing a ‘no boundaries’ opportunity to create a resource that can be shared with anyone who may just need to take some time out from dealing with the current situation through Covid-19

Watch the clip to find out more

PodJam offers you a chance to become involved on your own terms, presenting you with a real choice of how you want to be involved and find ways in which collaborative music making can be used to enhance better health and wellbeing, particulally at the moment

*PodJam is a mixture of both music and narrative

PodJam compositions currently available: click HERE

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