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Paul Dexter




“Being selected by Charnwood Arts as an artist with professional potential gave me confidence and satisfaction to know that after many years my work is gaining approval and acceptance to a greater extent.


At the beginning of the programme, I discussed my theme, ‘Town and Country’, with  Programme Coordinator  and artist Jacqui Gallon and artist Jonjo Elliott. Both felt the theme had great potential as a project and they encouraged me to develop large-scale works.



large panel middle detail.JPG
A morning's research in the Outwoods3.JPG

As I only studied art to ‘A’ Level, being on this course and working with graduates has given me an opportunity for tuition, after a thirty year absence, to develop composition and hone it prior to the finished piece. An artist told me that art is about simplifying things and with my three large scale paintings which I have created as my project for this programme, I have been taught to consider and implement that to create a more painterly style.”





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