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Lorena Lees – Painter and Sculptor


Lorena is a painter and sculptor specialising in clay, plaster and acrylic. Lorena is a third year student studying Fine Art at Loughborough University and has painted all her life, but gained a passion for sculpture when she joined the university.


She has always had a fixation with portraiture and devotes herself to perfecting proportion and the composition of her work. Lorena is inspired by current affairs and art for social change to producing conceptual pieces of work that relate to wider society. She is passionate about community involvement in the arts and in creative opportunities being accessible to everyone. She is interested in getting young people immersed in the arts and allowing the chance for creative freedom to take its course.


Lorena has exhibited in various galleries and illustrated a book for author Jenny Ford. She hopes there will be similar fun and exciting opportunities for her in the future.


Lorena is on a placement year at Charnwood Arts, working as a Project Support Officer to help with various coordinated community art projects and the delivering of creative opportunities.


email Lorena at

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