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 The Kevin Ryan International Photography Award 2021


Street Photography is an art form that relies on being in the right place at the right time. To be able to take an instantaneous shot at the correct moment and to have that photo to live forever and to continually give a social commentary is profound. As a photograph ages it becomes richer and richer. Think of the place you grew up in and think of all the changes that have happened since you grew up there, a photograph is a conduit that reconnects you to a time that will never happen again. Good street photography has rules that are meant to be broken, good street photography doesn’t have to be in an urban environment. Good street photography is an attitude a feeling of energy, a fortuitous event that will never happen again. We should all be taking more photos and most of us have very good cameras in our pockets, gone are the expensive days of photography, gone are the days of artists elitism. It’s now time for us to all record our environment for future generations. I hope these photos will help to inspire you - go out and have fun.

Take pictures, share and enjoy. Osh Ryan

Winners 2021

Click HERE to view the winning photographs

Emily Young

Emmerson Guevara

Tegan Richardson-Smith

Millie Coleman

Ariana Mazumder

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