James Chantry

Community Arts Devel​opment Manager

James works as a creative leader in our programme, he develops projects and maintains working with: artists, practitioners, participants and communities.

He has led and delivered projects that provide a platform and opportunities for people that may face barriers. These have included arts programme; working with a diverse 
cohort of creatives. In his role he has developed arts projects with young asylum seekers, that have included artwork being featured in national public arts festivals, exhibitions and events. Working with young neurodiverse people and emerging artists, he has facilitated opportunities to develop local, national and international exhibitions. Above all, these projects have afforded agency, creativity and social spaces for all.

"I believe in the transformative power of the arts within collaborative community projects."

He is also a fine artist, currently undertaking a PhD by practice. His artwork explores identity and the supernatural, through drawing, and film. James has exhibited internationally and is soon to present a paper at a global conference.

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