How does it work?


1.Click on the link to access a short piece of music that you can listen to and download direct from SoundCloud as an mp3 to get you started


2. Sit back, listen a few times and just breathe!


3. Think about how you may like to interpret that piece of music using additional melodic or rhythmic instrumentation, poetry, lyrics (for a song), visuals or inspired narrative.


If you have an idea for lyrics or a poem and don’t wish to record yourself reading them,

we can provide a voice over artist to do this for you

How do I record my ideas?


This can be done a number of simple ways:

  • Using Voice Memo or similar on your phone (download from your phones app store for free) Use headphones so there isn’t any spill of the original piece of music, and record your ideas using the app.


  • Or if you use a DAW such as Garageband, Logic, Ableton Live etc then set the tempo at 75bpm (the key is Am) and import our music file. Record your ideas and bounce down without the original music to an mp3 ready to send to us.


  • Send us your file! If it’s a document then email to or if it’s too large to email, use WeTransfer which is free and can be found by clicking HERE 


Once you have signed up, add file, fill in the email and click transfer and you're done!


If you are struggling please don’t hesitate to contact us and we can call, or video call you to talk you through this


Your ideas will then be added and layered within the track along other contributions making this a truly collaborative piece of original music. You may also like to just work on the track alone, which we would also be interested to hear! We may create a number of tracks depending on how many participants we have but you will be fully credited, (or if you want to remain anonymous, we will respect that). The track will form part of a new website page from February and be shared to a number of partners and local media so please get involved!



*PodJam is a mixture of both music and narrative

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