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So where did it all begin?


Charnwood Arts was formed in 1976 and led by Kevin Ryan. The emphasis for Charnwood Arts was concentrating on work at local level whilst making connections regionally, nationally and worldwide. Project work and placements within the organisation had taken place from across Europe in the past and had also hosted visiting artists and undertaken work in places as diverse as India, Japan and Brazil.

In April 2020 Kevin Ryan sadly died after a short illness and the organisation has needed to look again at community and participatory arts in a world where people can't participate in quite the same way due to Covid-19.


Kevin Ryan left a legacy and we are determined to keep this legacy alive and not only celebrate the past 40 years of Charnwood Arts but embrace the next 40 years in making arts accessible at every level in Loughborough and the surrounding areas.

More about Kevin HERE

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