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Hannah Sarah Day


Conceptual artist using various media.

For example, photography, writing, sculpture.

Despite a heightened social awareness in recent years towards emotional intelligence, well-being and mental health. The origins and fundamental interplay of the 'psyche' have remained an esoteric notion. I seek to challenge this notion; Donald Winnicott proposed that the happiness of the human race depended ultimately, not so much on the external political issues, but the way parents bring up their children. My time on the Charnwood Arts Fellowship produced artworks that reveal my perceptions and moments in therapy. Autobiography is composed through storytelling, depicting intense moments through life's more subtle and nuanced emotional pain. I believe that our acuteness and diligence to self-awareness and inter-personal relations could change our social, political and environmental spheres.

The Charnwood Arts Fellowship brought together artists that fostered a culture of cross-pollination and the fertilisation of ideas, entangling each disparate practice to produce an exhibition of shared experiences.  






Instagram: @HannahSarahDay

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