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Charnwood Arts are looking for 12 early-career artists to take part in their Emerging Artists programme for 2023-2024.


This is an unpaid initiative to support creatives in the initial stages of practicing their craft to develop their artistic skills, build a body of work and share it with the wider community - through exhibitions, performances, community activities or, where relevant, publications. 


In this round of the programme, we’re seeking creators interested

in storytelling and narrative art, whether they be writers, poets,

spoken word artists, graphic artists or illustrators.

Eligibility, you need to: 

  • live or practice within the Charnwood Area

  • be at an early stage in their creative career, OR

  • at a more advanced stage of their creative career
    but needing support to establish an arts practice due to
    obstacles and challenges.


We welcome applicants from the BAME and LGBTQ+ communities, as well as applicants who are neurodiverse, have a disability, and/or are from challenging economic backgrounds.

Information on how to apply HERE

For more information, download the leaflet HERE

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