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Exploring creativity through sound and music


Digital Us! offering a digital experience for people to develop their skills

Digital Us! sessions are aimed at people who experience social exclusion including, but not limited to:

  • Young people (including those with special educational needs)

  • Vulnerable women’s groups

  • People with mental health difficulties

  • Groups supporting individuals living with dementia

  • Looked after young people

  • People with caring responsibility

  • Neurodiverse groups


We can provide tailor made sessions for individuals and small groups


Potential outcomes include:

  • Skill development including using computers, learning techniques/skills, increase IT and communication skills.

  • Increase sense of health and wellbeing

  • Expression of feelings, thoughts, and solutions - promoting wellbeing.

  • Building confidence and communication skills.

  • Incorporation of digital creative interactions as a health and wellbeing strategy in your life.

  • Promote relationships between participants through digital creative interactions with likeminded people including peer support.

  • Encourage digital, social, personal and educational development for all age groups.

  • Opportunity to learn something new or different.

  • Support people to connect with others.

  • Opportunities for skill-sharing and intergenerational learning.

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