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The Young People Making Places group participated in a series of online workshops as part of the Encrypted Sounds of Wellbeing project, facilitated by Charnwood Arts and led and delivered by artist Leila Houston.

The group came up with their own responses to Maslow's Theory of Needs with Leila supporting them to develop their ideas. Their responses include drawings, an animation, a science fiction short story and depictions of inventions designed to help society live alongside coronavirus.

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"Working with this group online was a strange experience as we had just entered the full lockdown. All of a sudden we couldn’t spend time with other people like we were used to doing but at the same time we were peeking into each other’s homes on Zoom and revealing our own homes too. The group were very enthusiastic and had some incredible ideas and thoughts to share on what they were thinking about Maslow‘s theory of needs. I am also neurodiverse so it was really interesting to have conversations around safety, belonging and intimacy in relation to how we view the world and about how some of the needs Maslow listed were based on an assumption of neurotypicality, and how these didn’t feel relevant to us".

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