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Charnwood Arts has developed a project for schools to learn more about the Carillon Tower’s heritage by using creative digital media. The school sessions enable participants to learn, create, play and perform music, based around the unique sound of the Carillon instrument. In the second part of the project we went to visit  the Carillon Tower itself to climb the stairs, record sounds in the empty spaces (using our bodies, and basic percussion instruments) and see first-hand the Carillon instrument in action itself, and capturing sounds of the space which once reimagined, will be lost forever.



The finished pieces of music/sound created at the various sessions were enhanced further in the Charnwood Arts Sound Room Studio and presented back to the overall project creating an album for download and to also form part of the new exhibition space as a sound installation when The Carillon Tower is open once again. Hear the finished pieces HERE

Click a more in depth view of how the Carillon Instrument works click HERE

The project was designed to encourage students to embrace and develop their own innate sense of creativity and musicality, and will enable participants to understand and appreciate Loughborough’s Iconic Tower for many years to come and specifically the instrument itself which many of your children may have heard, but aren’t aware of ‘what actually makes that sound’!

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