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Carillon Sound Tower

Charnwood Arts worked with four schools who took part in making some brand-new recordings of not only the Carillon instrument, but also some recordings within the space of The Carillon Tower itself. The space is currently empty before being reimagined so this gave us a unique opportunity to record sounds (claps and stamping feet etc) created by the pupils providing us with the material to develop a number of soundscapes that will now be timeless, and a one-off opportunity to stamp their personal involvement. When the Tower is redeveloped, the sound of the space as it is will disappear.

The Carillon Tower is seen as a symbol of the town and the image of the Tower has been used on signs for Loughborough and by many local businesses. In 2023 the Carillon Tower celebrates its centenary and still standing strong. Having been awarded Arts Council England funding, Charnwood Borough Council is busy working with a leading design agency to explore the possibilities for the Carillon Tower’s heritage and museum spaces; playing with ideas and including creative ways to use objects and stories and that's where we came in!



Click the video to hear the finished recordings

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