There is a growing range of evidence that links the arts with improved wellbeing, for a range of health and wellbeing conditions, and Charnwood Arts aims to develop offerings in line with this.


The five ways to wellbeing steps researched and developed by the New Economics Foundation - to connect, be active, take notice, learn and give – are also inherent to our arts programmes, which aim to:

  • bring people together and reduce social isolation (Connect)

  • use fine motor skills and physical activity, such as singing and dancing (Be active)

  • take notice of, and of our reactions to, artwork and the artistic process (Take notice)

  • learn or develop a new craft or skill (Learn)

  • share our artwork or volunteer at one of our sessions (Give)


With a new Arts and Wellbeing Coordinator in post, we are now busy formalising our arts and wellbeing programme and would love to hear about any ideas, potential partnerships or your views on this vital part of our provision.


Email Beth (Arts and wellbeing Coordinator) at

For more information about research into arts and wellbeing, you can visit the Arts Council website HERE