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The WTS Gallery is a place with atmosphere, history and character. Artists that get to exhibit here, get a chance to think about this unusual space in relation to their work and their practice.

Exhibiting here is a chance to grab the attention of other artists, collectors and of those that may not think to experience art who pass by whilst shopping in the busy City Centre location.

The WTS Gallery is loaded with an apparent history. Both front and back rooms hold an unusual ambiance, we can see raw brick, ceramic white tiles and painted pillars. Hours have been spent in Leicestershire’s record office trying to find the definite history of the building and the area. Maps are unclear due to streets and lane not having existed. We know that many buildings on silver walk have been split up and were much larger, with the front of the shops opening on Silver Street.

At one point, research showed a building in this spot, was a leather merchant’s, selling belts and boots at the front of the shop, which could explain why one of the rooms appears as an abattoir.

The WTS Gallery and the building of Watch this Space is a mystery, however what is certain is that those that occupy the building are inspired and give rise to artists and designers to create new beginnings and re-imagined places.

Creative director & Curator of WTS Gallery

Leila Houston is a practising artist who uses a range of materials to create site-specific and site- responsive work. The art she creates shows an interest in psychogeography and tends to display the changing ambiances between places. Curating has been a natural development due to years of working within 'space' and coming from working art background. It is with no surprise she has embraced the basement of the independently run shop, Watch this Space, running the gallery as creative director & curator.

Opening Hours

Monday and Tuesday 12 noon - 5.30pm
Wednesday- Friday 10.00 am - 5.30pm
Saturday 10.00 am - 6.00pm

Preview evenings 5.30pm - 9.00pm



Contact Name:
Leila Houston
Role / Job Title:
6 Silver Walk, St Martins Square, Leicester, LE1 5EW
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Past Events

Thu 23rd October, 2014

YesNo Neither: A New Exhibition by James Chantry

YesNo Neither: A New Exhibition by James Chantry

23rd October to 7th November 2014 @ WTS Gallery

James Chantry is an East Midlands based multimedia artist. Working with video, projection, photography and structures, the artist explores themes such as metaphysics and realities by combining digit.. Read More »


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