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Unity House is a handsome Victorian building located near the centre of Loughborough. It is the home of the Loughborough Constituency Labour Party and as a meeting place for the Labour Party and other community activities. The building has a very interesting history serving the people of Loughborough since the 19th century.

During the 19th Century a number of friendly societies sprang up to provide medical cover and insurance for working people who would otherwise be unable to afford it. Loughborough Medical Aid Centre was thus built. It was originally a hospital, pharmacy and medical hall built for a number of Loughborough Friendly Societies, including the Ancient Order of Foresters, the Rechabites, the Druids and the Oddfellows. At the back of the downstairs room was a surgery and at the front of the building was a pharmacy. The upstairs was known as the Medical Hall where the Friendly Societies had their Lodge Meetings. As a result of a small payment each week, the combined organisations were able to employ a doctor and buy medicines. The centre employed one of the first women medical doctors in England, Dr Gertrude Hutton in 1900.

The use as a Medical Centre declined after the introduction of National Insurance in 1912 and during the 1939-45 war the building was taken over by the government as a British Restaurant to provide cheap but nourishing food for working people. In 1947 the building was purchased by Dr Mont Follick, the recently elected MP for Loughborough during the Labour Landslide election of 1945 and renamed Unity House.

Originally Unity House was used for Labour and Trade Union branch meetings and has been visited by a number of prominent politicians including Jim Callaghan and Roy Jenkins. Dr David Owen even used the building to launch his new SDP party under the cameras of Newsnight with Vincent Hannah. Although the building has been used as the Headquarters of Loughborough Labour Party since 1947, its use has widened to other community groups.



21 Fennel Street, Loughborough, LE11 1UQ
Contact Email:
01509 239659

Past Events

Sat 9th January, 2016

Family Tai Chi

Family Tai Chi

2:30pm @ Unity House, Loughborough

If you would like to edge yourself, or any of your family, gently into the New Year with some activity, you may like to try the relaxing but energising breathing and movements of Tai Chi. Read More »


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