The webWORKS Gallery was established around 1998/9 as an on line gallery facility for artists to post their own work - it was open to anyone at any stage of the development of their work. Around 200 galleries were created and a number of interactive projects were also developed around the project. In a link up with the World Haiku Club many hundreds of haiku were written by haijin worldwide and an international on-line competition was also developed. The project also led to a combined photographic and haiku exhibition in Kamakura in Japan.


Announcement of the second webWORKS Kukai

Announcement of the second webWORKS Kukai

Tue 2nd February, 2010

Announcing the results of The Second webWORKS Kukai, a networked project of Charnwood Arts and the World Haiku Club. I hope you will all enjoy this collection of remarkable haiku inspired by the.. Read More »


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