The Sound Of Water


A collaborative project with residents of all ages in the South Charnwood community of Thurmaston, The Sound of Water involved workshops in local schools, haiku and photography hikes and the publication of a small book.

The Sound Of Water project was named after one of the best known poems in the Japanese language written by Basho, the first Haijin, or Haiku master. It also reflects the sculptural forms which emulate the shape of water droplets. The new housing estate is named Watermead after the park which borders Thurmaston.

Selected fragments and phrases of the first Haiku hike were added to the sculptures that flow through the Watermead development. These include, ‘Transient snowflake stars’, 'The sky in a puddle’ and on the gateway piece, ‘Under and over to the sea’.

The project was drawn to a close in Spring 2008 with the installation of the sculptures and the publication of The Sound Of Water a book which contain the Haiku poems from the project, images of the sculpture and information about Thurmaston Action Group and how to get involved. Copies of the book are available from Charnwood Arts or Brenda Seaton from Thurmaston Action Group.



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