Shelthorpe Graffiti Art and Circus Skills Project


The playground in Shelthorpe was given a make over when children were given the chance to paint over the graffiti on the basketball board and a new graffiti board (the picture is of the rear of the board where all the young people wanted to sign it) as well as learning a range of circus skills.

The children painted the basketball board with help from artists Paul Dexter and Paul Gent, while Swamp Circus from Sheffield, and Bill Brookman from Loughborough showed the young people and children how to use diablos, stilts and spinning plates, low wire and juggling balls with help from Ashok Chavda and Karen Legg.

Karen also did kitemaking with younger children until the older ones got interested!

One lad, Chris said, "I enjoyed taking part, painting the Shelly thing with Paul, the Circus tricks, playing with diablos, spinning plates, juggling balls, taking part in painting on the basketball board, my favourite was circus skills. I enjoyed today with my friends." His enthusiasm was echoed by the other children and young people present.

The six days of workshops were part of the Connecting Communities scheme run by Charnwood Arts, and is one of many similar events being run throughout the summer. many participants came to the Next Level computer games cafe for the rest of the summer and to follow up events elsewhere in the town.

This was our second year of running activities like this in the centre of Shellie.


Circus Workshops on Loughborough estates

Circus Workshops on Loughborough estates

Fri 29th January, 2010

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