Pennants Project 2012


The inspiration for this great project comes from a group of people called ‘Quilts for London’ who decided in 2009 to make a pennant for every athlete taking part in the Olympics and Paralympics as a gift... and from there it just snowballed. Although initially created by a group of Quilters (hence the name) it has now blossomed into a National and International project of creative, imaginative and beautiful textile pennants all of which will go towards the target of 14,000 pennants needed to give one to each competing athlete in the Games. (see

Pennants were traditionally exchanged at friendly sporting events, so what an opportunity for Charnwood to celebrate hosting members of two Olympic teams as well as all the wonderful community events taking place as part of the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations by making pennants! Hundreds of them! The pennants can be made from any material, from silk to wool and cotton.... They can be sewn, glued, machined, embroidered, quilted or knitted.... You could add buttons, beads or tassels! Use your imagination!..... we even have a pattern for you to follow!

Although our pennants won’t be going to the athletes, here at Charnwood Arts as part of our UK2K12 initiative to ‘Welcome the World’ to Charnwood, our artistic team will be undertaking workshops and support sessions with schools, colleges, community groups, faith organisations, Scouts, Guides, knitting groups and anybody else that would like to join in. We can come along and just give you advice or we can run a workshop with the help of our volunteers.

The idea is to get as many people participating as possible, to be creative, to be artistic, to make something really worthwhile as part of the community, to show our Charnwood spirit! If you would like to make a pennant with us, you could come along to our very special ‘Picnic in the Park’ on the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Day, Tuesday 5th June in Loughborough's Queen’s Park where we will be holding a workshop to make pennants out of all our scrap materials! You don’t need to bring anything... just enthusiasm!

And when they are all done, with the support of the Borough Council they will displayed in Loughborough in time for the Olympics!

If you would like to get involved, need advice or would like the pattern for the pennants, contact us on 01509 822558 and leave a message or email


Contact Email:
01509 822558


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