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The Charnwood Arts Next Level Programme is the overall name for our arts and media based projects and services created by, with and for children, young people and younger adults aged 8 - 25 years old.

Charnwood Arts Youth Arts programme began in 1977 and has been callled many things since then, most recently CYAN, Charnwood Youth Arts Network. This turned out to be a bit of a mouthful so........

The name 'Next Level' was suggested by Dan Turner for a successful project that we ran in 2002 called the Next Level Cafe, part of a wider arts and community programme carried out through that summer. In the autumn of 2003 Next Level became the chosen name for our overall youth programme. Subsequently the Next Level Cafe was developed as a year round arts and media based service for young people at risk of offending.

Currently the Next Level Programme and People Making Places are the two parent programmes for a wide range of Charnwood Arts partnership projects and initiatives.


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Summer Closing

Summer Closing

Wed 9th July, 2014

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