Mountsorrel Youth Consultation Project - Seen But Not `Heard


A team of youth workers led by Jo Clarke and Charnwood Arts workers developed a project with young people from Mountsorrel, both in the village and at Rawlins Youth Centre. This involved the teaching of photographic and communication skills to produce a magazine in which the local youth expressed their own and other's views about their community. Paul Gent, Zoe Childerley, Faye Chamberlain, Chris Wright and Adam Rodgers trained the participants in a variety of creative skills, as well as working together as a team. The magazine, 'Seen but not Heard', was launched in July at an event in Mountsorrel which attracted over 100 people. Accompanying the magazine was a video (edited by Alan Ceserano) which brought the voices in the magazine to life and a 3D fly through of the youth club designed by the young people. The project was funded by Leicestershire County Council and involved youth workers from Rawlins Community College and Barrow Youth Centre.

This project has been a ground breaking example of combining community arts and youth work strategies with industry standard new technologies to produce high quality work. More than this the project continues with an ongoing campaign to realise proper youth facilities for this large industrial village.

Led by youth worker Jo Clarke the youth work team have worked on the village streets and car parks, come rain or shine, for over two years. Jo's team are now keen to develop the project work into achieving real results for the young people of Mountsorrel.


Sat 5th April, 2014 @ 1:07pm by bob

hi, is the video anywhere to be seen online, i know it was a while back but id love to see it again :)

Sat 5th April, 2014 @ 1:27pm by Anthony Parkes

I've asked the question if i can find a copy and there is no reason we can not post it i will try and get it online.

Sat 5th April, 2014 @ 1:32pm by bob

cheers anthony!

Mon 7th April, 2014 @ 5:53pm by Anthony Parkes

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