Loughborough Mela 2012


Loughborough Mela has risen in prominence over the last 11 years from a park based event celebrating the town’s cultural and ethnic diversity, into a popular and important date for everyone in the summer festival season. Taking place in Loughborough Market Place at the heart of the community there is more to Loughborough Mela than just music - the event also features stalls, fairground rides, a diverse range of food, children’s activities and an entertaining programme of dance and street acts. The aim is to ensure that all visitors, young and old, will find something enjoyable to do at this free event.

People have come from far and wide to Loughborough Mela to enjoy performances by stars such as Kebi Dhindsa, Ronak Mela Baaja Band, Irfan Khan and most recently the up and coming Raxstar and Faze. In addition to this, local talent such as singer Maria Verentenina, dancers Saijal Mistry and Desi Bhuv Sharma and various local groups such as Hum Hey Hindustani and the Keating School of Irish Dance have also had the chance to strut their stuff.

Past Events

Sun 10th June, 2012

Loughborough Mela 2012

Loughborough Mela 2012

12pm @ Loughborough Town Centre

This year Loughborough Mela is proud to have Rawlins College on board with students performing in bands, running arts workshops and possibly even cheerleading! Popular singing stars Mumzy Stranger a.. Read More »


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