‘Light Seekers’ is an evolving project that marries the development work of photographer Kajal Patel with Charnwood Arts’s long term relationships with organisations in Gujarat and our participatory, cross cultural ambitions for the future. Charnwood Arts has worked with Kajal to enable her work in the Indian city of Ahmedabad to be transformed into a touring exhibition and the basis for workshops and talks for local schools and other venues. Kajal’s original project ‘Satyaprakash’ meaning the ‘light of truth’, charted a few months in the lives of women and children from Ahmedabad’s rag picking workers community.

For Kajal, her time and work with this community has had a profound impact on her life and work. Through her moving and intimate photography, she manages to capture the very essence of the futility of the work for self and family advancement, but also the strengths of the women and their relationships as they go about their poverty stricken lives.

Having initially recognised the potential in Kajal’s work, we have continued to support her development as an artist and participatory worker and she has now developed a number of exhibitions and workshops through our Kala Kahani programme.

Kajal’s commitment to her work led to the offer of support through the international Gammelgaard Monochrome photographic exhibition. Kajal has since returned to India to carry out some initial pilot work with schools there. We are currently looking at ideas to move the project forward as an initiative involving UK, Danish and Indian schools.

Our vision is to develop a website, which will initially be utilised by children in all three countries, to share their life experiences through photography and related texts. Preparing Web material also opens the possibility for exhibition, publications and other multi-media work. Central to it all is the power of image making to give voice to people, both creatively and to air concerns and other forms of artistic interaction facilitate true collaboration.

Pictured: Detail from one of the series "Satyaprakash - Light of Truth" by Kajal Patel ©


Vanasthali Revisited

Vanasthali Revisited

Wed 7th August, 2013

Following the initial pilot project in December 2011, Kajal returned to Vanasthali in February 2013. A student volunteer accompanied her, Namrata, who is a budding photographer and mentee of Kajal. .. Read More »


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