HAIKUMANIA @ London Japan Matsuri - September 2010


Charnwood celebrates Japan in the Heart of London

Join us on the path to UK2K12 and contribute to the London Japan Matsuri 2010 wherever in the world you are!

‘Haikumania’ Rides Again! Haiku poets Paul Conneally and Kevin Ryan will revive their work with Loughborough based Charnwood Arts to launch a new two year programme of Haikumania projects beginning at the London Japan Matsuri 2010 at Spitalfields this Saturday, 18th September. This event is in partnership with The Japan Society.

Haikumania at the Matsuri will involve a series of interactive haiku activities exploring Spitalfields Market and the surrounding area.

Haikumania will lead ‘Ginko, haiku walks, through and around the market and responding to the event itself. The resulting works will be displayed on a large 18 feet x 6 feet board featuring images, haiku and map references to the area and will be collected together to share back to participants later.

The work will also be used to label up a new map of the area. A haiku map of Spitalfields!

Walks will take place at 12:00 noon 2:00pm and 4:00pm. All walks start from the Bishops Square end of the market near the old charnel house.

......but you can walk with us wherever you are!!

Visit the official Market website at http://www.oldspitalfieldsmarket.com/ to get a sense of the place…there is a fantastic virtual tour.

Visit the Matsuri website at http://japanmatsuri.com/matsuri

Submit your own haiku, as many as you like to reflect, markets, food, fashion, antiques…anything which connects you and where you are to the market and the event.......

Send your work before the 18th (ideally), during the event (very welcome) and after (but only until the 21st September) to: http://submit.UK2K12.co.uk



Haikumania @ London Japan Matsuri  2010

Haikumania @ London Japan Matsuri 2010

Wed 15th September, 2010

Paul Conneally and Kevin Ryan revive Haikumania to launch the UK2K12 programme of activities and events. Read More »


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