Fragments of Identity


A collaboration between four artists in a variety of combined media to mark thoughts and feelings around the Gujarat earthquake and the way in which the world reported it. This Year of the Artist funded collaborative project was developed in two phases.

Phase one resulted in a multi-media exhibition at the Charnwood Museum and included a ceramic and paper installation by Ashok Mistry, manipulated images and poetry from Kevin Ryan and a multi-media computer installation based on media responses to the earthquake from Sean Clark and Raman Mundair.

The second stage exhibition combined the group's ideas to form a walk in installation at the Generator Gallery close to Loughborough Town Centre.

The exhibition included framed work, Rabari style wall decoration, a shrine, sand painting, poetry and a film/multi-media piece triggered into different phases by visitors.

Many visitors were visibly moved by the work and some left comments as part of the ongoing life of the work.

This was the first collaboration between the four artists and it is hoped that they will do further work together in the future.


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