Door to Door


Door to Door was the first phase of a community arts project which involved a team of professional community photographers and volunteers in visiting all 430 houses in the Ratcliffe Road and Burder Street area of Loughborough. The project idea, originally a brainchild of Loughborough based Rosebery Arts was last carried out around 15 years ago in Station Street in the town.

Photographers Claire Luvaghlia, Vanita Rao, Andrew Smith (from the Jamaican Liquid Light exchange programme) and Kevin Ryan worked with local residents, Charnwood Arts volunteers and the Charnwood Borough Council local re-generation offcer to repeat this early project on an even larger scale.

Working over two weekends from a base at the Ark Business Centre our intrepid band of photographers caused a lot of interest and merriment around the area as minor 'events' happened in the streets in response to our knocks on doors. We had poetry in the streets, tarantulas and even got neighbours out and talking to each other, many for the first time!

The project was part of an ongoing initiative called 'Connecting Communities' which is aimed at addressing and investigating social cohesion in the Charnwood Area. The project aims to result in an exhibition at Charnwood Museum in November - 'Door to Door' and subtitled - Front Door - First Impressions'.

The idea was to invite everyone in the area to see the exhibition at the museum and to use the opportunity to put the area on the map. There is already a strong community spirit emerging in the area, particularly focused around issues to do with the proposed 'Sidings Park'. Charnwood Arts also asked residents to give their views on issues affecting the area reminiscent of the community arts project that we ran which led to the formation of the residents group over four years ago.

The exhibition was a huge success in that it attracted a large cross cultural and inter-generational audience who did not normally access the Museum as well as stimulating widespread interest from other communities in having similar projects in their area.


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