Charnwood Great War Centenary Project


We are delighted to announce that a local partnership formed between Charnwood Arts, Participation in Action, Bill Brookman Productions and All Saints with Holy Trinity Parish Church has been awarded a grant of £96,200 by the Heritage Lottery Fund. Over the next two years we will work on a range of projects in Loughborough and Charnwood to create and leave behind a legacy of events, productions and publications and we will have initiated a number of debates to deepen understanding of the period of the Great War. The grant also covers the re-siting of the war memorials at All Saints with Holy Trinity Church in Loughborough.

The war memorials of Loughborough All Saints Parish Church and of the now decommissioned Holy Trinity Church are kept at All Saints but they are very poorly positioned. This project, the development of the subsequent partnership and the bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund arose out of initial conversations about the siting of the memorials and a deep concern from Loughborough resident, Janet Grant to do something more to remember the men that lay behind the names enscribed upon them.

An important part of the funding of this project supports the aim to reposition the memorials during this centenary year of the onset of the Great War. We will also research the stories behind the names on them and on other memorials in the borough and explore other aspects of the local history of the time in order to tell the story of the Great War in Charnwood.

We are currently planning a series of events, exhibitions, workshops, lectures and debates covering aspects of the war and the importance of working for peace. There will be activities for schools, the community and young people - including making a film with young people exploring local history and their feelings about the Great War, and war and peace in general. We will publish a book of local Great War stories and establish an online community history project as well as create a unique Book of Remembrance recording those who lost their lives during this and other conflicts - including people from incoming communities to the borough.

The Fallen
Those who lost their lives are being researched in partnership with living relatives that can be found. They will be remembered in our Community History online project linked to ‘People Making Places’, and in an exhibition which can be booked out and through a series of events appropriate to the understanding and remembrance of those who lived - and died - at that time.

The Locality
We are also, in our contribution to the ‘People Making Places’ project, remembering the other lives, those who stayed behind, the women, the local industries and the legacy right up to the present day in attitudes to war and peace.

We are remembering those from the Commonwealth whose relatives may now live in Britain and we are connecting with communities in France, Germany and Belgium. We are also not forgetting members of the Central Powers (the foes of Britain a hundred years ago) whose relatives and communities may now live in our locality.

The Imperial War Museum
We have formed a ‘community’ as part of the Imperial War Museum’s ‘Lives of the Great War’ platform recording the life stories of more than 8 million people.

We are organising a range of events, talks, concerts and debates to explore the arts, culture and issues of the Great War and the cause of Peace.

We Want to Involve as Many People as Possible

There are many ways that people can become involved from helping us with our research as a volunteer, to helping with events or sharing your own individual or collective knowledge with us as a family or group.

Do you have family memories of the First World War?

Did your great-grandfather or grandfather serve as a soldier, seaman or pilot? Was your great grandmother a nurse or a lone or widowed parent?

Do you have objects like medals or helmets, domestic items, old photographs, letters or documents that are part of the history of your family that would help us to piece together the story of that devastating time in history and how it affected the lives of the people of Charnwood?

Did the women and girls of your family see their lives change by becoming ‘land girls’ or working in industry, through losing loved ones or by taking on ‘men’s work’ while their husbands and brothers were away?

What was the impact of life on the Home Front for those left behind?

As part of the legacy of this project we aim to record the story of the Great War in Charnwood from its outbreak in 1914 to the infamous Zeppelin Raid that devastated the Loughborough community in January 1916.

Along with other friends and partners at the Carillon Museum and Loughborough Echo we aim to collect and collate the stories of the local community so that the experience of that time is not forgotten.

How did mothers cope with bringing up their children alone? What resourcefulness was called for in the kitchen with the strictures of food supply and the temptations of the black market?

What recipes were concocted or curtains converted in order to feed and clothe hungry families in unexpected times?

What was it like to receive dreaded news or a long awaited letter from someone on the Front Line?

We would love to hear your stories or to see items that have been passed down through the generations perhaps recording them, writing them down or maybe borrowing them for our display and ‘handling’ collection.

We would like the story of the Great War in Charnwood to be remembered forever and its people not forgotten.

Pictured: Wilfrid and Gilbert Mee, brothers, from Quorn


CGWCP presents: "Reflections On Peace" Community Event and Peace Vigil

CGWCP presents: "Reflections On Peace" Community Event and Peace Vigil

Mon 1st June, 2015

Sat 20th June, 2015 - 7:30pm @ All Saints Parish Church, Loughborough Read More »

CGWCP Presents "Haig – Has History Been Fair? A Public Debate"

CGWCP Presents "Haig – Has History Been Fair? A Public Debate"

Thu 16th April, 2015

Thu 7th May, 2015 - 7:30pm @ Loughborough Library Read More »

Night of the Zeppelin: 100 Years On

Night of the Zeppelin: 100 Years On

Tue 20th January, 2015

On January 31st, 1916, Loughborough was attacked by a zeppelin.... Read More »

Past Events

Thu 7th May, 2015

CGWCP Presents "Haig – Has History Been Fair? A Public Debate"

CGWCP Presents "Haig – Has History Been Fair? A Public Debate"

7:30pm @ Loughborough Library

Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig was Commander-in-Chief of the British Expeditionary Force from December 1915 until the end of the war. Opinion about Haig remains sharply divided. Was Haig a butcher a.. Read More »


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