Changing Spaces Trading Places


‘Changing Spaces Trading Places’ is a Heritage Lottery Funded project as part of the ‘All Our Stories’ initiative. This project is being hosted by Charnwood Arts and explores the cross cultural and inter-generational legacy of forced and economic migration in the city of Leicester and Leicestershire and in particular the textile trade. It explores industry, commerce, settlement, domestic life, trade and the triangle of relations between India, Africa and the UK.’

During the project we will:

* Train 20 young volunteers in recording and preserving the older generations memories

* Collect archival material from the local community who worked in the textile trade

* Discover how the old factories have changed through a photo story

* Deliver a variety of community events to bring the generations together

* Produce an exhibition, a book and a learning resource for Schools

We will be working with local photographer Kajal Patel, who is recognised internationally for her social documentary work to make a permanent photographic record of the project. (see

Kajal is currently exhibiting at Format under the theme of ‘Factories.’ We are really excited to have Kaj working with us on this project and bringing her expertise and professionalism!

We are looking for volunteers who would like to train in recording, interviewing, research and collating archival material for this project. You will be working in the local community and helping to organise events. You will then learn how to assist with the multi-media production of an exhibition and a book! This is a great opportunity for anybody that wants experience in working in the local community and wants to learn about cultural heritage! If you would like more details contact Leylah Bhamra on 07894880527 or call Rebecca Abrahams at Charnwood Arts on 01509 821035



Changing Spaces Trading Places!

Changing Spaces Trading Places!

Wed 16th April, 2014

Our Heritage Lottery funded project 'Changing Spaces, Trading Places' has now sadly come to an end. It has been an amazing journey for all of us. The student volunteers have learned new skills, made.. Read More »


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