Beautiful Life: Memory and Nostalgia


This exhibition explored the ideas of travelling, nostalgia, memory and the issues of identity, covering various themes of post-colonialism, including diaspora, the sense of belonging and authenticity.

The project exhibited works by ten international artists including David Alesworth (Pakistan/UK), Magda Biernat (USA/Poland), Wen-Jen Deng (Taiwan), Paul Gent (UK), Khaled Hafez (Egypt), Huma Malji (Pakistan), Anna Lucas (UK), Lala Meredith-Vula (UK), Chai-Wei Kung (Taiwan) and Josephine Turalba (Philippines).

The exhibition was curated by Dr Ming Turner and developed by South Hill Park and De Montfort University in partnership with Charnwood Arts and Sin Pink Art Space (Taiwan).

The show was toured to Creative Hinckley, Gallery from November 28th 2011 to January 13th, 2012 and to the Pier-2 Art Center (Taiwan) in April 2012.

The initial idea behind the curation of this project was to bring together artists from the five continents, by which it aimed to respond to the London Olympics in 2012. The exhibition featured work by ten artists from around the world, who were specifically selected from established and emerging artists from diverse backgrounds, and whose art covers the various themes of post-colonialism.

Migration and travelling across geopolitical borders have always been important elements of man’s activity throughout history. In recent decades, owing to the rapid development of transportation, travelling across borders has become a more influential issue in modern society, and it has created the phenomena of displacement and hybridised cultures. The exhibition explores the ideas of travelling, nostalgia, memory, and the issues of identity, postcolonialism, diaspora, the sense of belonging and authenticity.



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