Loughborough Orchestra


The Loughborough Orchestra was formed in the early 1990s after Martin Cooper saw the need for a locally based orchestra for amateur musicians. At that time it was conducted by Mark Pullinger and concerts were first held in the church at Thorpe Acre. The orchestra grew quickly both in size and reputation and enjoyed good support at concerts, some of the most notable ones being those with local soloist Iona Brown and the open-air concerts at Barrow.

The orchestra welcomes players of all interests and backgrounds, provided they meet a minimum playing standard. In the larger string sections, where we already have some strong players, we are happy to accept most players, so anyone of Grade 5 standard (or with playing experience) is welcome. We do not hold formal auditions for string instruments therefore we encourage you to just come along and play with us for an evening. For solo sections, for example woodwind and brass, we require good players perhaps of grade 7 or 8. Vacancies for wind players arise from time to time but it is best to check with us first.



Charnwood College, Thorpe Hill, Loughborough, LE11 4SQ
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