KGB (Knitting Guerillas of Birstall)


Have you spotted KGB activity in Charnwood?

The KGB, otherwise known as the Knitting Guerillas of Birstall, were founded by Niddy Noddy and Trout Mask in September 2011. It all started with a simple and lighthearted brief: use Niddy Noddy’s skills to make yarn crafted objects to leave in unexpected places, and harness their sense of mischievousness to make people wonder and smile. Why? Well, Niddy Noddy had not long been made redundant and had started work on a new stitch craft business and Trout Mask craved a release from her online world to flex her interests in photography and writing.

The KGB seemed like a fun plan which brought this all together, and so the first mission was a simple and silly installation of a dozen zombies in Birstall. These days, the KGB have a profile that stretches beyond Birstall, as far as New Zealand and Singapore. One morning, Trout Mask found herself quoted in her least favourite National Newspaper.

Their latest KGB Woolly Egg Hunt mission enlisted the support of the band Dodgy and a whole host of local people, groups and businesses. Many new friends have been made and many smiles were reported.

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