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Making Art With Embedded Computers

Thu 4th September, 2014

It's has been said that a 'digital artwork' exists independently from the computer and display technology used to present it. Indeed, it is often argued that a key feature of digital art is that it is infinitely reproducible and that there is no such thing as an 'original'.

While I agree with this in some ways, I increasingly find myself caring about the aesthetics ..

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Homebrew VR, 2014 Style

Sun 31st August, 2014

Interesting things are happening with Virtual Reality again. While I'm still not sure that it will be more than a niche technology in the long run (I think 'augmented' is more interesting than 'virtual'), it is quite fun to see something I was experimenting with over 20 years ago back in the spotlight.

Two approaches are popular at the moment. One is the classic VR ..

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Field Broadcast App

Mon 14th July, 2014

Field Broadcast is an innovative arts platform that connects artists, audiences and obscure locations through live video broadcasts. It's a really successful project that has used a Windows and Mac app for the last few years to alert people when a broadcast is starting and then deliver the video stream to their desktop.


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Automatic Art Private View

Fri 4th July, 2014

Last night was the private view of the Automatic Art exhibition at the GV Art Gallery in Marylebone, London. The show was curated by Ernest Edmonds and presents 50 years of British art that is generated from strict procedures.

The artwork on display ranged from constructivist sculptural forms, through systems-base..

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3D Scanning and Virtual Reality

Wed 25th June, 2014

We've been doing a fair amount of work with 3D printing at Interact Labs over the past few months. More recently we have started to get in to 3D scanning to help us create models for printing. One of the easiest 3D scanning technologies to work with is 123D Catch from Aut..

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Recreating Early Digital Artworks

Sun 1st June, 2014

I've been doing some work at Interact Labs recently with pioneering UK digital artist Paul Brown. Paul has been creating computer-based artworks since the late 1960s and was looking for some support in recreating a couple of early artworks for an exhibition.

The first of these was an electronic piece that involved sequencing lights and a tone generator that Paul fir..

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Microworld Cardiff 2

Mon 26th May, 2014

I'm just back from Cardiff setting up an artwork as part of Genetic Moo's latest Microworld event at Arcadecardiff in the Queens Arcade. The piece forms part of a collection of artworks that interact with each other as well as the visitors to the gallery. My piece is a tryptych of self-organising grids that swap colours with each other as well as incorporating new colours..

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Forthcoming Exhibitions

Sun 18th May, 2014

I have a number of exhibitions coming up and will be showing some new works that form part of my new major project. One of the important outcomes of my research over the past few years has been to define what I have come to call "Interconnected Digital Art Systems", or "Digital Art Ecologies. This involves a configuration of digital artworks that are designed to interacti..

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Automatic Art Exhibition

Fri 16th May, 2014

The Automatic Art exhibition at the GV Gallery in London presents 50 years of British art that is generated from strict procedures. The artists featured make their work by following rules or by writing computer programs. They range from system-based paintings and drawings to evolving computer generated images. I'm rather pleased to be having a piece of work in the show - especially given the compa..

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Networked Migrations Publication

Fri 16th May, 2014

In 2012 the Interact Gallery hosted a series of rehearsals and and performance for Ximena Alarcon's "Network Migrations" project. The project involved a joint vocal performance between two groups of people linked via the Internet, one group in Leicester and the other group in Mexico City - a distance of around 5,500 miles. Ximena's research paper about the project h..

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