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Silent Signal @ Derby QUAD

Mon 8th February, 2016

The Silent Signal exhibition opened on Friday at QUAD in Derby. It featured six animated films that were created by six pairs of artists and scientists who have been working together to create new work about and inspired by their mutual interests. Topics covered included Sleeplessness, the spread of malaria in mo..

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That was 2015

Wed 30th December, 2015

At this time of year I tend to have a sort through the photographs I've taken over the past 12 months. Totting them up I see that I've been quite busy - taking over 1,500 (all on my iPhone). If you're interested in some of the things I've been involved with in 2015 then I've selected 100 of the most representative ones and posted them in an album here on Flickr. It's quite a diverse mix.

Digital and Analog Drawing Machines?

Thu 17th December, 2015

You may have noticed that I've been getting quite in to computer drawing recently! Over the past few weeks we've had the Computer Drawing: DP Henry and Beyond exhibition running at Phoenix and LCB Depot Lightbox and I've been running a number of related workshops and events.


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Light The Night 2015

Sun 22nd November, 2015

Tonight was the third annual Light The Night event at Orton Square in Leicester's Cultural Quarter. Arts events group Inspirate put together another great event with a range of activities, including Gavin Morris' Read More »

DIY Arduino Drawing Machine

Wed 18th November, 2015

As part of my preparation for workshops that will accompany the Computer Drawing: DP Henry and Beyond exhibition in December I've been building a number of drawing machines.

The latest to roll off of my 3D printer is a small Arduino powered "Tiny CNC" machine. This device, desig..

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Painting with Light at Diwali

Mon 16th November, 2015

This year I created a new - much enhanced - version of my Painting with Light software for show at Leicester's Diwali celebrations in Cossington Park. The installation was organised by Inspirate, who had arranged for a giant inflatable projection screen and high power video projector to be used with the software.

It looked great and many hundreds of members of the..

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Esther Rolinson's Flown

Tue 27th October, 2015

This weekend I was helping to install Esther Rolinson's "Flown" artwork in York. The piece is part of the Illuminating York festival that is running in the city all this week. I've worked with Esther before on the Melt, Splinter and Thread installat..

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Bring on the Dancing Beans

Tue 29th September, 2015

I'm working with Leicester-based artist Ashok Mistry at the moment on a project called Methods for Misunderstanding the Nature of Things. This project involves a number of digital elements, including the need to track the movements of a dancer in real-time...

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Bletchly Park

Fri 25th September, 2015

I managed to make my first visit to Bletchly Park today. Bletchly is famous as the location of the second world war code-breakers - that included Alan Turing - who cracked the German Enigma machine. The site is is now a museum dedicated to the work done during the war, as well as the Read More »

DIY 3D Printer and Scanner

Fri 25th September, 2015

I've just finished two "making" projects.

The first was the assembly of a RigidBot 3D printer kit from Invent-a-part. This was a Kickstarter that I supported around two years ago and has only just come through! The main attraction of the printer was its size - it's 25cm in the X, Y and Z axis - and the fact that yo..

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