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Ernest Edmonds' Communication Game

Tue 2nd June, 2015

I've been working on a project for Ernest Edmonds recently to re-construct one of his "Communication Game" artworks from the 1970s. The original artworks used light bulbs, switches and logic circuits to enable low-bandwidth communication between distributed users in ways that pre-dated computer networks by many years.

For the modern reconstruction I used three Ard..

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Show Off! with Spark

Tue 2nd June, 2015

The annual Spark Children's Arts Festival seems to get better and better every year. On Saturday the 30th May I was involved in one of their new events, the Show Off! children's "making" event. This was held at LCB Depot and organised in collaboration with Phoenix.

The event featured a whole range of maki..

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Make||Sound 6th - 13th June 2015

Tue 2nd June, 2015

Make||Sound is an eight-day festival taking place in Leicester's City Centre - at Highcross and Curve - that will be exploring the possibilities and intricacies of sound as an artform. The event runs from from Saturday 6th June until Saturday 13th June 2015 and will play host to musicians, sound designers and creative coders from around the UK and beyond.


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Brown & Son: Art That Makes Itself - Symposium and Book Launch

Mon 18th May, 2015

I attended Paul and Danny Brown's Symposium and book launch this weekend. Brown & Son (as they are known!) are a unique father and son duo who are both recognised digital artists. Normally working sep..

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Art.CHI 2015 in Korea

Mon 27th April, 2015

Last weekend saw the Art.CHI 2015 workshop take place at the CHI conference in South Korea. CHI (Computer Human Interaction) has been going for quite a while, but the idea of running arts activities in parallel with the main conference is fairly new.

I was involved in an exhibition of artworks when CHI came to Paris a couple of years ago (I showed a ColourNet piece ..

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Digital Kaleidoscope in Abu Dhabi!

Thu 16th April, 2015

I've been working on the digital kaleidoscope project for over a year, but haven't been able to write anything about it until it went live. Well, it is now open to the public so I can share a few details.

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The Fading Afterglow of Evolution Exhibition

Thu 16th April, 2015

The Fading Afterglow of Evolution is a exhibition by Dave Briggs and Jack Squires in the Cube Gallery at Phoenix. Both Dave and Jack received Interact Labs bursaries last year and this is the first outing of their new work.

The exhibition is based around the idea of a archeological dig (perhaps in the future, or maybe a pa..

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Crystal Radio Workshop

Sun 15th March, 2015

On Saturday, as an activity connected to Julian Oliver's exhibition at Phoenix in Leicester, I hosted a crystal radio making workshop at Interact Labs. The crystal radio (or crystal set) is a wonderful little device. It is the simplest possible radio receiver and despite being over one hundred years old it still has a magical quality to it.

Like many other people I ..

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Julian Oliver's The Crystal Line

Sun 8th March, 2015

A new exhibition in Phoenix's Cube Gallery opened on Friday. Julian Oliver's The Crystal Line makes use of a modern reproduction of a classic "Crystal Set" radio to receive audio transmitted by a computer that scours the World Wide Web for the latest developments in warfare.

Due to rather a lot of interference in the gallery space, it was not possible to actually he..

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The Image Is The Servant

Sun 1st March, 2015

I was involved in Honest Dave's second The Image Is The Servant event at Hansom Hall in Leicester on Friday.

TIITS2 was a follow up to last year's event and contained a similar combination live music and live multiscreen visuals. My involvement was to contribute to the live visuals using my wireless video system.

It was the first outing for the system, which f..

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