Arts Professional


ArtsProfessional is a magazine and an online resource. And it’s a meeting point for people in the arts who share priorities and values.

Our readers and writers are diverse - from all sectors, specialisms and regions of the arts. They are a big part of what makes ArtsProfessional the highly-valued resource it has become.

We’re valued by thousands of people working in the arts for:
Our integrity.
We’re always honest, serious-minded and balanced.
Our curiosity. We ask questions, challenge and probe to get the facts.
Our topicality. We’re about what’s going on now, across the arts and beyond, but fashion and trends never sidetrack us.
Our collaborative approach. We have contributors from accountancy, law and marketing as well as the arts. And analyses of the latest ideas, technologies, policies and legislation from people who understand them.
Our focus on people. We pride ourselves on helping our members to develop themselves and their teams.



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