Picnic In The Park 2018 - Saturday June 9th

Picnic In The Park 2018 - Saturday June 9th

Sat 9th June, 2018 by Charnwood Arts

Charnwood Arts' annual Picnic in the Park was recently cited as one of the ten reasons (alongside Loughborough Mela) that Loughborough is the most interesting place to live in Leicestershire.

Almost as old as Charnwood Arts itself, this hardy town perennial flowers again between 12 noon and 5.00pm on Saturday 9th June in Queen’s Park on Loughborough's Granby Street.

Astoundingly this will mark the 38th year that the event has brought the town’s neighbourhoods together!

This year the park will be full of local and international talent with a packed programme of performances that will make you laugh, enrich your musical taste buds and get you dancing!

There is something for all ages with games, inflatables, field games, space hopper races, slack-line challenges - bring a picnic of your own or sample the delights of the many stalls.

Where else can you go this coming Saturday to feast your ears on music from Ska to choral classics, Irish jigs to Samba?

Whet your appetite with Brazilian, English Folk, Caribbean and North African Dance and see marvellous Carnival King and Queen costumes.

Marvel at the skills of internationally acclaimed street performer Jason Maverick and get to cast your vote in a period-perfect 1929 Polling Booth....

We also have a whole host of stalls and community groups offering things for you to get involved with locally.

As a special treat for younger children and families there will also be two performances of the magic of Rapunzel by Chorus Theatre!

Deputy Event Manager James Chantry said:

"As the youngest person working for Charnwood Arts it's amazing to be part of an event that was conceived before I was born."

"When you think of the commitment Charnwood Arts has had to local communities over all that time it's a real gem."

"There is also the fantastic support from local people over the years who come together to make Loughborough the special place it is - I can't imagine the town without this event!"

Over 38 years, Picnic in the Park has been a key event in bringing the town’s diverse communities together in a local celebration that promises a feel good factor for us all.

So come along and enjoy a fun filled afternoon in Loughborough’s jewel of Queen’s Park on Saturday June 9th between 12 noon and 5.00pm.

For more information contact Charnwood Arts on 01509-822558 or by e-mail to


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