Deeds Not Words Festival: Suffragette Footsteps


Deeds Not Words Festival: Suffragette Footsteps

Sat 5th May, 2018 - 10:30am to 12pm @ Loughborough Town Centre

Suffragette Footsteps is a trail around Loughborough to follow the important people, places and events in the footsteps of the women (and a few men) who supported the Suffragette cause.

It takes us from the Market Place, where Suffragette Rallies were held, often facing hostile and abusive crowds, past the Town Hall where Emmeline Pankhurst and Dorothy Pethick spoke. Loughborough Town Council banned meetings in the Town Hall because of the bad behaviour of the crowds.

The trail continues along Victoria Street, Burton Walks and Castledine Street, referring to Dr Corcoran and his daughters Kathleen and Norah Corcoran, the sites of events and meetings and the only recorded act of violence in the attempt to fire the Red House. The Corcoran Sisters refused to pay the duty on their house in Castledine Street ("No Taxation Without Representation!") and their goods were auctioned in the street to pay off the debt.

Meet at 10.30am outside Lloyds Bank, the Market Place, Loughborough.

The walk will last approximately an hour and a half.


10:30am - 12pm


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